Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sierra Rose Designer Homewares Betty Apron.

I don't know about you... but Im a sucker for a cute apron. 
Wearing one in the kitchen or whilst cleaning makes me feel like a real mid century housewife, feeling like I floating around the house being a domestic goddess. 
I was super excited to receive a heavenly 'package in pink' from Australian Designer Homeware company Sierra Rose, their designs are made from the finest 100% cotton material which as soon as you pick it up you know its a quality product. 
Of course I had to choose the Betty Apron in blue stripes and pastel pink.. not only is it incredibly adorable but I adore anything called "betty".
The aprons are a one size fits all and are a great length, even on a shorty like myself..haha.

Not only do SR make adorable ladies pinup style aprons but you can even get matching children aprons too ( and yes my ovaries were screaming as I scrolled through the website.)

Napkins, tea towels, oven mitts, bags and the cutest fake cupcakes ever it seems the possibility for Sierra Rose is limitless. 

I caught up with Victoria, owner and designer of SR, to find out more about her amazing company and whats next for Sierra Rose...

Victoria tell us how and when Sierra Rose started? 
Sierra Rose Designer Homewares began at the end of 2012 as I felt there was a need for high quality products that are smart, fun, creative and have a feminine retro feel.  I chose cotton as it is a natural fibre and as a suffer of Eczema I found it was beneficial to produce a product that is Hypo-allergenic. 2013 was all about researching, designing and having our 1st photo shoot. We starting trading the end of October 2013.
Why Homewares? 
I am a home body, a Wife and a Mother of 3 littlies so it made sense to create something I can share and enjoy with everyone.
What inspires your designs? 
Wow, that is a tuff one – I love pretty things, colour, fun, vintage, my family and art.
When did your love for the 1950s begin?  
I have always loved Marilyn Monroe.  The clothes, hair and makeup all fascinate me – everything looked so perfect.
So tell us, what's next for Sierra Rose? 
I have already designed the next Collection, samples will be made in the next month– lets just say there is going to be lots of red!!! and some completely new homeware products that we have not had before.

Sierra Rose, which is designed in Australia, are definitely gaining momentum being featured in several high profile Australian magazines and being stocked at many boutiques throughout Australia. 

Check out Sierra Rose Homewares now for yourself or for a great gift idea.

Much Love 
xx Betté

Sierra Rose Faux Cupcakes

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