Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Marilyn Swimsuit

Summer may be officially be over in the land down under..
but I'm not ready to let it go that easily!

Especially since I was able to get my hand on this “ possibly too perfect to actually get wet” Pinup Couture Marilyn swimsuit in royal blue!!

 PUG know how to make you feel like a glamazon in absolutely every single creation of theirs and the Marilyn Swimsuit is no exception.
The Marilyn was designed with a few thing in be a vintage inspired, to flatter literally ever size and to be ultra comfortable. 
I must say they have seriously ticked every single one of those boxes!

 Being fully lined inside, the swimsuit defines your curves whilst the gathering helps hide every insecurity or imperfection. The top is padded and has built in cups which really helps with support, especially for us larger busted ladies, and the straps are adjustable. You can truly see the thought and care the PUG ladies have put into the Marilyn design. 
 Made from only the best Nylon/Spandex blend and available in 7 different colour choices, The Marilyn ranges from a size XS- 4XL and the sizes run true.
 I myself got the size small and it fits like a glove!
The Marilyn is available from the Pinup Girl Website and retails for US $102.
Its a definite splurge but 100% worth it!

Much Love

Monday, April 11, 2016

Where The Wicker Bags Live..

One thing I just love to collect are wicker bags.
Wether they be true vintage or new reproductions they are just a work of art that I adore.

Wicker and woven bags were highly popular in the 1950s, often contracted into novelty shapes to add a hint of quirkiness to an outfit. 

So today I thought I'd share where Ive found some amazing wicker & woven bags..

If you're like me you've scoured though page after page on eBay and Etsy but the prices are usually astronomical! Now in saying that.. if your willing to cheap regularly and put the time in sometimes you can snag a bargain. 
I found this red one for about $30 and this gorgeous brown woven purse was about $45 (those prices both included shipping). 
Ive found searching under different names can help the bargain hunt:
-wicker bag
-wicker purse
-woven bag 
-rattan bag
-vintage straw bag

My first recommendation would be to pop into antique stores, usually these shops are so focused on selling the big price items like furniture and jewellery that things like bags are marked quite cheap.
Now you have to be willing to look for bags, they are not always on display.
Look in boxes, under shelves and even at the bottom of the bargain boxes.

I picked up these bags below each for around $15 and they are in perfect condition.

Now for new wicker & woven bags, the best kept secret. 

A lot of big name companies actually purchase their wicker bags from Aliexpress but sew in their own labels and mark the prices up 100% or more. 

Again you may scour through a few pages to find some bargains (they will have many of the same products but with competitive prices) but they are totally worth it and they usually come with FREE SHIPPING.!!

I usually just search “wicker bags” and here are just some of the results..
 (some may look familiar..)

The snail bag is a Kate Spade knock off which retails for over $300!!

A lot of pinup companies are selling these bags for over $50

Another Kate Spade knock off again the real thing retails for over $300

Hope This helps you on your wicker bag hunt

Much Love

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pastel Pretties

Im completely obsessed with pastels at the moment, who doesn't love a good baby pink or lavender colour way?!

This sweet outfit came together perfectly, Deadly dames capris in lavender paired with Collectif's Dolores Top and B.A.I.T Petra heels in Fair Pink to compliment the vintage wicker bag.

My good friend and photographer Emily Freeman and myself stepped out in King Edward Park to prance around and shoot this sweet outfit. 
We couldn't have picked a better day or location!
Now the perfect thing with wearing pastels is most of the time any shade or colour will compliment another. 
These capris have been worn here with baby pink and white but Ive worn them with lemon & baby blue and the outfits always look polished and complimentary.

Matching a pastel with blacks or whites can help draw the eye to the colour in the outfit and make it pop ( in this case the white top matched with the lavender pants, the first thing your eye looks at is the capris).
Now Ive raved on about deadly dames capris many times.. 
But seriously they are the holy grail of capris and if you have yet to buy yourself a pair..please do!

The capris are made of a blend material with heaps of stretch so they fit snuggly around both your waist and hips. Now as many ladies know this is a rare commodity in pants!

With the zip at the back they really pull you in and mould to your body, giving you a sexy heart shaped booty and also (for me) the capris hide that belly bloat from the burger I ate for lunch!
The shoes, omg the shoes!!!

One of my first pair of B.A.I.T heels and I couldn't be more impressed. 
These platform Petra heels give me the height I so desperately need and also are ridiculously comfortable.

Im a wide-footed lady and usually jump between a 6, 6.5 or a 7.
Because most shoes are narrow I tend to go up a size but then the shoe becomes to long for my foot.. needless to say shoe shopping (especially shoe shopping online) is a nightmare. 
But I thought I would take the plunge and order 2 pairs of B.A.I.T heels in 6.5 and hallelujah they fit like a glove!! 
Now I just can't wait to grow my collection.
Emily so sweetly brought along some vintage cameras for me to have a play around with, this amazing one is a polaroid camera and it was huge.
Em has quite the collection, she brought about 6 on this day. 
All photos were taken by Emily Freeman

Much Love 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

All Hail The Eyebrow Queen

Today I would love you all to meet a good friend of mine, 
and also my personal eyebrow saviour..
Stephanie aka Style By Divine

This stunning lady did a complete overhaul on my eyebrows last week and I just had to share this amazing woman with you all.
During my session with Steph, I got to talk to her about her business 'Style By divine' and also about her new cosmetic line (which I will be reviewing and blogging about in the coming weeks!).

Firstly, lets just start by saying how darn beautiful Steph is, inside and out!
I first met Steph when she worked at the local Vintage Repro Store Miskonduct, and being honest, kind, and caring person its really hard not to fall in love with her!

Walking into Stephs Studio, I was just in awe of all the amazing vintage pieces she had. 
You could see that she just had a connection with every single item and each was picked with passion admiration.

 If i could have, i probably would have run away with this gorgeous mid century display case and immaculate sofa.
I adore this picture of Stephs mother who won the Golden Jubilee in 1954. Isn't she just stunning, you can definitely tell where steph got her good looks from.

Before she got stuck into my brows we had a chat..

Hey Steph, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I was trained as a beauty therapist in 1990 at The Advanced School of beauty therapy, I then went on to further develop my makeup skills with Ross Fairhurst and Ive also trained at the Sydney college of make up art.
Always working in the beauty industry I have previously managed and owned my own salons, and currently I have a small home studio where I take appointments for brow, make up and hair styling.
When I'm not in the studio I am a mum/step mum to 5 teenagers and a wife to my best friend. 

How do you juggle being a mum,a wife and running your own business? 

It crazy, I’m actually busier now than when I was working full time. 
Honestly, some days I think “how do i do it?!”  , with 4 teenage boys still at home, their sport and my business, We definitely have routines and Im lucky to have an extremely helpful husband.

when/how did you get into the vintage lifestyle? 

Ive always had a fondness for things vintage, when I was a little girl, my dad and I would always go around and collect vintage furniture and restore them, my house is full of old things we found together. But it wasn't until about 6 years ago was when I really started dressing vintage that it kind of became my life. 

Your the eyebrow queen, what do love about doing eyebrow makeovers?

I just love the transformation, and the reaction form my clients. The fact that when eyebrows are styled they can shape and frame the face in a completely different way.
A lot of ladies say when time are tough if they can just get their eyebrows done it make them feel a million times better!
What beauty products can you absolutely not live without?

Definitely eyeliner and eyebrow pencils!!

Do you have any words of wisdom you would want to share?

They say many things in life are sent to test us...Its not how many times u get knocked down.. Its having the strength to get back up and carry on. 
Just be honest and be yourself and everything else will fall into place.
 Don't you just love her?

Below is a Before and After picture of my eyebrows.. 
What a transformation right!?
I never thought my brows were bad but when Steph gave them a makeover I swore Id never go back to my big bushy brows!
For my transformation Steph waxed, precisely shaped and tinted my brows, she then finished off with applying some 'Poni Brow' products to fill them in and accentuate the shape.
 Stephs recommended brow cosmetics, Poni Brow
 She also recommends McArthur Skin Care Products, which are great if you have sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema. 

As I said before I will be also reviewing Style By Divine Cosmetics, you can find out more about these products or if you have a brow enquiry by contacting steph herself..

Please also Check out Stephs website
Instagram @stylebydivine

Much Love

Sunday, March 27, 2016

60s in a Squeeze

I have been absolutely obsessed with the 1960s style recently. 
After watching mad men, adoring Lana Del Rey and then seeing my beautiful friend wearing a killer 60s outfit I couldn't resist!

I mean whats not to love… absolutely everything was big and bold in the 60s. 
From mainly wearing the 40s & 50s style for the past 4 years, its quite refreshing to step out of that comfort zone. 
So lately Ive been trying to add some 60s pieces into my wardrobe. 
Vintage, repro and also just simple outfits that could pass for 60s with the right accessories… 
say hello to this outfit is from Temt which only cost $25!!! 
 Now Temt is far from a vintage/ repro store, but every now and again they produce some amazing pieces which just work and you've got to love that they don't break the bank!

This houndstooth dress was something I couldn’t go past. 
1. Its houndstooth 
2. It was $25
3. It looks absolutely adorable on
When sifting through clothes at general/regular stores, Id advise looking for vintage prints (i.e. houndstooth, geometric or atomic shape patterns), appropriate colour choices, for 60s I would suggest anything bold or bright, and lastly anything that could possible be worn with or accessorise a vintage or repro outfit.

Its made from a poly/spandex blend so it s nice and stretchy and with the assistance of my PUG belt it creates curves. 
 Ive been experimenting with 60s makeup lately, its fun but also kinda scary putting that much eyeshadow on! 
Ive had to expand my eyeshadow colours and palettes and sift through some vintage photographs for inspiration.
 The hair… 
well lets be honest it could have been bigger, but thats something Im still working on. 

I unfortunately suffer from a super sad condition known as the 
"my hair won't hold the damn ass tease" 
I know there are fellow sufferers out there who understand my pain!

Ive been playing around with hair sponges and fillers to solve this dilemma, so hopefully i can post about my efforts soon.
For this outfit I went simple sexiness with the accessories:
 Belt is from Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes are Ruby Shoes
Earrings are Lovisa

Im LOVING hoop earrings lately and picked up these beauties for $3.

Accessorising vintage outfits doesn't have to be expensive either! 
I advise to always check out costume jewellery stores, especially when they have a sale on! 

Even if you don't have an outfit right away for a piece to go with, you'll thank yourself later for grabbing it at a bargain price...I know I always do!

Much Love