Sunday, March 27, 2016

60s in a Squeeze

I have been absolutely obsessed with the 1960s style recently. 
After watching mad men, adoring Lana Del Rey and then seeing my beautiful friend wearing a killer 60s outfit I couldn't resist!

I mean whats not to love… absolutely everything was big and bold in the 60s. 
From mainly wearing the 40s & 50s style for the past 4 years, its quite refreshing to step out of that comfort zone. 
So lately Ive been trying to add some 60s pieces into my wardrobe. 
Vintage, repro and also just simple outfits that could pass for 60s with the right accessories… 
say hello to this outfit is from Temt which only cost $25!!! 
 Now Temt is far from a vintage/ repro store, but every now and again they produce some amazing pieces which just work and you've got to love that they don't break the bank!

This houndstooth dress was something I couldn’t go past. 
1. Its houndstooth 
2. It was $25
3. It looks absolutely adorable on
When sifting through clothes at general/regular stores, Id advise looking for vintage prints (i.e. houndstooth, geometric or atomic shape patterns), appropriate colour choices, for 60s I would suggest anything bold or bright, and lastly anything that could possible be worn with or accessorise a vintage or repro outfit.

Its made from a poly/spandex blend so it s nice and stretchy and with the assistance of my PUG belt it creates curves. 
 Ive been experimenting with 60s makeup lately, its fun but also kinda scary putting that much eyeshadow on! 
Ive had to expand my eyeshadow colours and palettes and sift through some vintage photographs for inspiration.
 The hair… 
well lets be honest it could have been bigger, but thats something Im still working on. 

I unfortunately suffer from a super sad condition known as the 
"my hair won't hold the damn ass tease" 
I know there are fellow sufferers out there who understand my pain!

Ive been playing around with hair sponges and fillers to solve this dilemma, so hopefully i can post about my efforts soon.
For this outfit I went simple sexiness with the accessories:
 Belt is from Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes are Ruby Shoes
Earrings are Lovisa

Im LOVING hoop earrings lately and picked up these beauties for $3.

Accessorising vintage outfits doesn't have to be expensive either! 
I advise to always check out costume jewellery stores, especially when they have a sale on! 

Even if you don't have an outfit right away for a piece to go with, you'll thank yourself later for grabbing it at a bargain price...I know I always do!

Much Love

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