Monday, April 11, 2016

Where The Wicker Bags Live..

One thing I just love to collect are wicker bags.
Wether they be true vintage or new reproductions they are just a work of art that I adore.

Wicker and woven bags were highly popular in the 1950s, often contracted into novelty shapes to add a hint of quirkiness to an outfit. 

So today I thought I'd share where Ive found some amazing wicker & woven bags..

If you're like me you've scoured though page after page on eBay and Etsy but the prices are usually astronomical! Now in saying that.. if your willing to cheap regularly and put the time in sometimes you can snag a bargain. 
I found this red one for about $30 and this gorgeous brown woven purse was about $45 (those prices both included shipping). 
Ive found searching under different names can help the bargain hunt:
-wicker bag
-wicker purse
-woven bag 
-rattan bag
-vintage straw bag

My first recommendation would be to pop into antique stores, usually these shops are so focused on selling the big price items like furniture and jewellery that things like bags are marked quite cheap.
Now you have to be willing to look for bags, they are not always on display.
Look in boxes, under shelves and even at the bottom of the bargain boxes.

I picked up these bags below each for around $15 and they are in perfect condition.

Now for new wicker & woven bags, the best kept secret. 

A lot of big name companies actually purchase their wicker bags from Aliexpress but sew in their own labels and mark the prices up 100% or more. 

Again you may scour through a few pages to find some bargains (they will have many of the same products but with competitive prices) but they are totally worth it and they usually come with FREE SHIPPING.!!

I usually just search “wicker bags” and here are just some of the results..
 (some may look familiar..)

The snail bag is a Kate Spade knock off which retails for over $300!!

A lot of pinup companies are selling these bags for over $50

Another Kate Spade knock off again the real thing retails for over $300

Hope This helps you on your wicker bag hunt

Much Love

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