Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pastel Pretties

Im completely obsessed with pastels at the moment, who doesn't love a good baby pink or lavender colour way?!

This sweet outfit came together perfectly, Deadly dames capris in lavender paired with Collectif's Dolores Top and B.A.I.T Petra heels in Fair Pink to compliment the vintage wicker bag.

My good friend and photographer Emily Freeman and myself stepped out in King Edward Park to prance around and shoot this sweet outfit. 
We couldn't have picked a better day or location!
Now the perfect thing with wearing pastels is most of the time any shade or colour will compliment another. 
These capris have been worn here with baby pink and white but Ive worn them with lemon & baby blue and the outfits always look polished and complimentary.

Matching a pastel with blacks or whites can help draw the eye to the colour in the outfit and make it pop ( in this case the white top matched with the lavender pants, the first thing your eye looks at is the capris).
Now Ive raved on about deadly dames capris many times.. 
But seriously they are the holy grail of capris and if you have yet to buy yourself a pair..please do!

The capris are made of a blend material with heaps of stretch so they fit snuggly around both your waist and hips. Now as many ladies know this is a rare commodity in pants!

With the zip at the back they really pull you in and mould to your body, giving you a sexy heart shaped booty and also (for me) the capris hide that belly bloat from the burger I ate for lunch!
The shoes, omg the shoes!!!

One of my first pair of B.A.I.T heels and I couldn't be more impressed. 
These platform Petra heels give me the height I so desperately need and also are ridiculously comfortable.

Im a wide-footed lady and usually jump between a 6, 6.5 or a 7.
Because most shoes are narrow I tend to go up a size but then the shoe becomes to long for my foot.. needless to say shoe shopping (especially shoe shopping online) is a nightmare. 
But I thought I would take the plunge and order 2 pairs of B.A.I.T heels in 6.5 and hallelujah they fit like a glove!! 
Now I just can't wait to grow my collection.
Emily so sweetly brought along some vintage cameras for me to have a play around with, this amazing one is a polaroid camera and it was huge.
Em has quite the collection, she brought about 6 on this day. 
All photos were taken by Emily Freeman

Much Love 

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