Sunday, December 21, 2014

Home Made Christmas Gift Ideas

I just adore home made gifts!

So this year for Christmas, I decided to give family and friends some of my fav home made beauty supplies. Not only saving myself some money (so that I can spend more on myself in all the after Christmas sales..of course) but it's also a nice change from the usual box of chocolates the have been getting for the past 5 years. 

All ingredients for these gifts can be found in your pantry, how awesome is that?

Lets get started...

Makeup Wipes

A great alternative to store bought makeup remover wipes, which can be really 
expensive and harsh on sensitive skin. 
These wipes are so easy to make and not only make great gifts 
but are also great for yourself. 

I use these myself and absolutely swear by them! 

You will need:

1 1/2 cups water

2 tbsp No Tears baby shampoo
1/4 tsp baby oil
Round flat cotton Pads
Glass jar with lid
*This recipe will make at least two batches of wipes


    In a large bowl combine water, oil and shampoo.

    Add 10 cotton pads to the jar and pour in enough mixture to moisten, 
repeat this process until jar is full. 

Can also add a label, bow, ribbon etc 

Head to Toe Brown Sugar Scrub

This is my "go to" scrub! I always make a batch up the night before a photoshoot, 
it not only exfoliates my entire body but also completely moisturised me head to toe.

*Try adding some vanilla or cinnamon to the recipe 
to make it Christmas scented. 

You will need:
2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
3 tbsp honey
(To make the scrub more coarse you can add some white sugar)
Glass jar with lid

    Mix all ingredients in large bowl, when well combined transfer to jar.

Cut a square or circle of fabric and place over top of jar, 
secure with rubber band or ribbon 

Lemon Facial Scrub

I discovered this scrub a few years ago, and highly recommend this recipe.
The scrub leaves your face feeling refreshed and so amazingly soft!

You will need:
2 cups white sugar
3 tbsp lemon juice (can use bottled)
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp olive oil (optional)

Combine all ingredients in large bowl

When well combined, transfer to jar.

For decoration add label, ribbon, bow etc.

Beer Shampoo

I've always had a love affair with beer, then I discovered I could use it as a beauty product!! I thought my addiction may have gone a bit to far...But no seriously, beer is so amazing
and who doesn't want to shower in it.?

This beer Shampoo gives amazing shine and body to hair, it's super duper easy to make (a little bit of a cheat really) and will definitely make great gifts for both the men and the ladies!

You will need:
1 cup beer
1 cup shampoo
Empty beer bottle 
Cap to reseal (use either silicon cap or twist cap for twist bottle)

Place beer in saucepan (with lid off) and put on medium heat.
Boil beer for approx. 15 minutes (will reduce beer to about half cup)

Take pan off stove and let it completely cool.

Place the shampoo in a medium sized bowl and add the cooled beer whist stirring.

When completely blended, use the funnel to pour mixture into clean beer bottle.

Cap and label.

Optional: Add ribbon/bow etc

I really hope you have enjoyed these Christmas gift ideas.
Also I highly recommend giving them a try yourself!

Much Love

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