Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happiest Day.. Luckiest Lady

Merry Christmas to everyone!! I hope you all had a safe and happy christmas filled with loved one and lots of laughter.

As most of you would have seen on my instagram my gorgeous boyfriend proposed to me 4 days before christmas.!! YES, I’m completely over the moon right now and YES i haven’t stopped staring at the sparkly ring he gave me (which can be awfully distracting whilst driving..oops).

So everyone keeps asking me “how’d he do it?”. 

Well explaining the proposal makes it so much easier because the cheeky bugger secretly filmed the whole thing on his phone, so i thought I would put up a blog so everyone can see.. (see my crying like a crazy woman that is haha).

I knew he was planning a special date for us, he said he wanted to have some “us” time before the crazy christmas rush and told me to meet him in King Edward park after he finished work on sunday afternoon. 
When I arrived, he had a picnic laid out with all our favourite foods. It was a perfect day, we had an amazing ocean view and the sun was out so I was just lapping up the sunshine.

Jim tells me he has an early present for me but that he has to open it... he then rips open the present to show a bag from my favourite jewellers (Matthews) then instructs me that i will need to stand up for him to be able to give me the gift... 

(note the part in the video where i notice he is filming haha)

yes...I cried like a baby, and cry every time i watch the video..haha

The view from our picnic in King Edward Park, Newcastle

Can you tell I'm Happy? hahaha

My gorgeous Ring

My gorgeous fiancé

We will most likely wait a year or two to actually tie the knot, we are planning a small low budget backyard wedding but will have a HUGE honeymoon in America!

I have planned to have our engagement party at the end of April (as Jims mother is coming from England), so I definitely have to start getting organised for that too. 
Ahhh so exciting..!!!

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and all the love you have sent our way.
We couldn't be happier!!

Much Love 

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