Friday, January 23, 2015

The Magenta Marilyn

Heart of Haute, Designed and made in America from the mother daughter duo Teresa & Amanda Becker.
HH is 10 years strong and is just getting bigger and bigger!! 

With their timeless designs and affordable prices its easy to see why.

I first fell in love with their Marilyn top when I saw it on the Pinup Girl Clothing Website,  they were so popular that every time I went to buy one they had sold out. 
Buying straight from the HH website, they always have the Marilyn top available AND in several different colours and patterns!!! 
Well you know me.. I NEED THEM ALL.!!!!

The Marilyn oozes "sex kitten", whilst not having to show off too much skin.
Made from knit material it stretches over your body, giving you a flattering silhouette, it's perfectly designed to sit off the shoulders comfortably and makes for a "must have" wardrobe staple as you can pair it with absolutely anything..!!

Today, I paired the Marilyn with my black capris by Deadly Dames. 
Hands down the best capris I have ever worn!
They make me feel so confident, fitting to my body like they were made especially for me. Having a small waist and bigger hips usually means pants are a "no go" for me, 
But Micheline Pitt designed these capris perfectly. 
Made for a stretch material with a zipper at the back (to really bring it in at the waist), the Deadly Dames capris are truly something every pinup needs to experience. 

Heart of Haute 

Pinup Girl Clothing

Much Love

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