Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wicked Wendy By Glamour Bunny

If you haven’t heard the name before, listen up.!!

A UK clothing company that produces tailored 1950s inspired designs.
 They create some of the sexiest dresses I have ever laid eyes on, that flatter the body and make women look and feel like a million dollars.
As a  long admirer of Glamour Bunny I decided to treat myself after Christmas. 
The problem then was… which outfit do I choose?! 
So after much deliberation and careful assessment 
(its seriously so hard to pick just one!)
 I decided to go with one of their stunning dresses.
I came across the Wicked Wendy in Lilac and instantly fell in love with the colour!

Then…. I saw the picture of Gia Genevieve wearing it. (See Below)

Gia Genevieve

Although i don’t quite fill out the dress as perfectly as Gia (seriously, she is just stunning).
 The Wicked Wendy absolutely fits like it was made for me.

What I truly love about this dress is the fact that its simple and elegant, some vintage inspired dresses can really be over done. 

Being so incredibly happy with the dress I had to.. (like a crazy woman),
 instantly email GB and tell them how happy I was with my new dress. 

Ive never been so happy with a online purchase like this before and definitely see why they have an excellent reputation.

Check them out now!!

Much Love 

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