Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hello Miss Monica

The Monica Dress By Pinup Girl Clothing

 Lets all just take a moment.. 
To marvel at the utter brilliance that is this dress!

I have been drooling over the Monica for over a year now, wanting it in every amazing colour it has been released in (of course) but had never had the occasion to actually buy it.

So when we started planning our engagement party I knew that this was the dress!

Never having owned, let alone even tried on The Monica, I'd heard raving reviews from everyone who did. So with their knowledge and admiration for the dress I took a chance..
and when my FedEx package arrived (surprisingly quick too) I was head over heels in love.!

 Wearing Earrings from Lovisa
 Literally hugging your curves, The Monica moulds to the body with ease.
I bought the size small and whilst it is a squeeze to get on (i simply step into the dress and pull up..seemed a bit harder over the head) its surprisingly extremely comfortable.
Wearing it all night at our engagement party, I had no problems at all with the dress..
 well except trying to tell my sisters/cousins "no" to when they asked if they could please try it on. 

Admiring the Monica for so long there was several things I noticed when I first tried it on. First of all there was the side zip, for some silly reason I thought the dress was stretchy enough that it just slipped on. But the side zip is one of the key elements of the unique design, an invisible zip which sits right in with the touching of the dress, almost unnoticeable unless you lift you arm (as I did in the picture below).
Also there is an amazing lining in the bodice, 
which is a firmer material to really pull you in and 
help create that marilyn-like hourglass shape. 
Again it was something I didn't expect..but now I wish all my wiggle dresses had this feature!
 All photographs were taking by my amazing cousin Clair in Morpeth NSW.

The Monica comes in sizes XS-4XL and is one of those amazing dresses that truly does suit every shape and size, its like every single Monica is sewn with a little bit of PUG magic to make every one wearing it look like a screen siren.

Pinup Girl have created an Iconic dress and every women needs to own at least one Monica.. or two, or five!

The Monica comes in 13 different colours and they are all so perfect.
Check them out now 

I hope you enjoyed this post

Much Love 

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