Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Little Pink Lady

The Banjo and Cake Embroidered Horseshoe Cardigan 
Pinup Girl Clothing Doris Skirt

This is such a simple outfit combination, but thats what I love about it.

 As soon as I laid eyes on this cardigan on the Banjo and Cake website I knew it would work perfectly with this skirt. 
The bold pink with black featured panels, paired with a black bottom (also looks amazing with my black capris) makes the cardigan the focal point of the outfit.
 I believe sometimes outfits can be overdone, and definitely in this case less is more.

Always a fan of the old faithful cardigan, I was extremely pleased to see it was beautifully made and with quality materials.
Made from a viscose/cotton blend the cardigan is extremely soft but incredibly warm, which is amazing as I hate nothing more than feeling like I need to wear 10 layers in winter.

Lets just talk a moment about how adorable the embroidered appliqués are..
Horseshoes, bows and birds oh my!
Im a complete sucker for a cute cardi, and this one just ticks all the cute boxes.
Cute colour.. check, adorable features... check, fitted and not baggy.. check!!
No wonder why I get so many people asking me where I got it!
I had been eyeing off a Doris Skirt for ages, but being a bit unsure as I normally go for the full Jenny Skirts rather than the A-line.
Seeing this skirt at my favourite local pinup boutique Misconduct I had to try it on.. 
well obviously I fell in love and since buying this skirt a few weeks ago, it has now become my go-to skirt. 
Just like every other Pinup Girl Clothing, its made with perfection, the material is quite thick, which is great for a winter skirt (paired with a petticoat for shape and extra warmth) and has a slight stretch to it, making it ultra comfortable.

The Horseshoe Cardigan and many more cute designs can be found at

The Doris Skirt is available in many colours/patterns at 

Keep Warm,

Much Love

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