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Daisy Jean Floral

If you've read some of my previous posts, you know I love to promote local brands. As someone who dreams to own their own small business one day, I just respect all the hard work that goes into creating something from the ground up. 
Daisy Jean Floral is definitely a brand to applaud.
With their unique designs, reasonable pricing and fast and friendly service, they definitely have made waves in the pinup world.

I just couldn't resist the DJF Regal Ruth piece, the fact that I love roses and anything red  also seeing it modelled on my friend, Miss Chelsea Kate was enough to sell me.
This piece is made from one real touch and two silk roses, contrasting the red with a couple of rose leaves, giving it such a realistic look.

As soon as I opened the box the first thing I noticed (besides how well it was packaged) was the quality of the flowers, you can definitely tell that DJF go to great lengths to source top quality materials for each and every piece. 

See below, As I caught up with Missi, Owner and creator of DJF, to find out what inspires her and how a love of pinup has evolved into making beautiful hair pieces.
Tell us a bit about yourself..

I’m a 25 year old pinup model and vintage blogger from Sydney Australia. I aim at promoting self love, body positivity, a healthy lifestyle overall and a positive attitude to life. Forever growthing through my love of pinup, I’m also a fitness enthusiast and a lover of all things ocean!

Tell me what inspired you to create hair pieces? 
It actually came with the closure of Lady Rowe. Once she closed late last uear, I was struggling to find hair pieces that were primarily flowers, which has always been my preference. Plus I am really finicky about quality and wanted pieces that could pass as real flowers while keeping to a classical pinup/retro style look. I was also suffering from a massive increase in my anxiety and was trying to find an outlet to help sooth it, which crafting hair pieces provided. Not being able to find what I wanted, combined with an anxiety outlet was really where it started and it’s grown faster and beyond anything I ever anticipated.

How do you find time to create so many beautiful pieces, markets, Photoshoots and also have a day job? 

A lot of sacrifice and time management goes into running Daisy Jean. I do work 8.30am-5pm as an administrator through the week as well as doing administration work after hours. A lot of the spare time I used to put into leisure activities or shoots for myself have gone towards getting photoshoots done for our website launch, product production and packaging orders. My Saturday mornings belong to Daisy Jean now for getting new supplies (no more sleep ins!) and my personal spending came to a crashing halt to help build my business. I am very fortunate to have a partner who understands the sacrifices a business requires too!

Lots of nights spend with the TV on, bent over my dining room table, creating pieces have happened in the past 6 months. Our first market in March was a HUGE success for us, which actually was the planting of the seed for our face of Daisy Jean program and we are excited to be at the coming market in July, as well as exploring other markets we can appear at! We’ve also begun to sponsor events, which is amazing! It’s great to be able to support events that showcase pinups and burlesque ladies strutting their stuff.

You've had such great success with your personal IG and now with the launch of Daisy Jean!! 
So What's next for Daisy Jean?

Thank you so very much! I didn’t approach my personal IG with a goal for ‘success’ so its been amazing to take what I didn’t realize I knew and apply it to the growth of Daisy Jean! We’ve just launched our website, which has been received with amazing support! We have 4 big collections being released in 2015, the first being in June/July which is incredibly exciting! We are also focusing on growing our regularly stocked items and offering a wider range of limited one offs. Our customs side is currently booming as well, with bridal pieces and burlesque orders starting to be placed which is incredibly thrilling, as it truly lets me create something unique and special. 

What are your favourite pieces so far? 

My favorite pieces so far…oh that’s hard! I love our signature roses range! It took me quite a while to find the right look but I am so pleased with them! I’m also currently in love with a custom piece I’m working on for a Miss Burlesque Australia contestant, but I cannot share it yet!

You have approached DJ with a real professional sense, which definitely would contribute to its ever growing popularity.. what advise would you give to people wanting to follow in your footsteps and create their own small business?

Thank you. From the start I wanted to approach Daisy Jean as a business because I wanted it to grow into something bigger than me crafting flowers. For anyone who wants to start their own business I’d advise to make sure you keep track of everything! Statistics and numbers are your friend; they’ll let you know where your business is at. Also to remember that there is more than enough success to go around. Elitism is bad for business. Supporting other small businesses will help your own business. I promise!
I matched my Regal Ruth with the Red Jessica wiggle dress from Pinup Girl Clothing
I really loved doing this interview with Missi, it just made me admire DJF that much more!!

The Regal Ruth piece is a DJF signature piece, its available to order online now.
Only $15.00 + Shipping 

And yes they ship worldwide.!!!

Shop now

Much Love

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