Saturday, November 14, 2015

Honor Thy Hell Bunny

When I first saw the Honor Dress, I honestly didn't think it would suit me at all.
(as I don't usually suit big collared necklines) 
But i thought 'what the heck, ill give it a go'...
Boy was I surprised! 

Instantly falling in love with this design, I just felt it oozed elegance and hallelujah... the neckline actually looked good!!
 The Honor dress comes with the black belt which fantastically breaks up the pattern drawing the eye to the waist and when pairing this dress with non other than the Hell Bunny petticoat, it creates   shape and the perfect 1950's silhouette.

I keep this look really simple, I stumbled across the long sleeve gloves at a vintage store an decided to let my red lips be the splash of colour. 
Seriously.. how perfect is this dress?!
(This is a web image as I wanted to show you the full clear image of the dress)
A close up of the pattern
Photography by Emily Freeman Photography
I love shooting with Em, she is a professional but we have so much fun together and a lot of laughs. 
She was kind enough to round up a heap of vintage cars for the day and was my first time shooting with cars.. I was a bit nervous to touch them haha

As you can tell (by my hair colour) this shoot was a couple of months ago, due to having to take time away for family reason I never got to post them, so I wanted to share them with you now :) 

I hope you have enjoyed this post!
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