Sunday, November 22, 2015

Petticoat Talk

Petticoats are a pinups best friend (well that and red lipstick!)
They compliment full skirts & dresses whilst giving you the quintessential 1950s silhouette.

As we all know the pinup style can get awfully hard on the old purse, so Ive decided to show you 3 of my petticoats and one of them is a bargain $10… 
Now you have no excuse not to have one (or 10) in your closet.
I decided to use my Hell Bunny circle skirt to show hoe much shape petticoats can provide. 
You can also add a belt to bring the wait in even more but I decided to just keep it simple for these pictures.

The Malco Modes Lace Trim Petticoat

The first one I have is my Malco Modes lace trim petticoat.
This was my first ever petticoat, and is a great one to start on. 
Its a semi full shape, best for a subtle fullness.
It consists of two layers each with 3 full gathered tiers.
Made from nylon/chiffon, it is incredibly soft to touch and has a delicate lace trim at the bottom. 
What I adore about this petticoat is the waist band, it has an adjustable button on the elastic so you can move it for ultimate comfort and fit.
Medium Length 22'  Waist 25-46'
Large Length 23'  Waist 27'-50'
XL Length 23'  Waist 29'-54’

I purchased this beauty from Miskonduct for $89.95

The Hell Bunny Petticoat
The second one is probably one of the most popular petticoats! 
Hell Bunny's petticoats are known for their volume. with 3 full tiers and 2 layers to each tier its no wonder why. 
This one is perfect for the 1950s silhouette and twirling around like a rock & roll dancer.
 Like the Malco Modes petticoat it has an adjustable waist band, the only problem I find with this petticoat is sometimes the elastic twists around which isn’t uncomfortable, Im just that neurotic person who has to make it sit flat haha.
 The Hell Bunny Petticoat comes in two sizes:
XS-M = Length 25'  Waist 24'-33'
L-2XL = Length 27'  Waist 26'-36'

I found mine at for $49.00

$10 eBay Petticoat
 Lastly we have the best $10 I have ever spent!! 
Thank you eBay…!!!!!

Yes we have all seen them online, and if you were like me you've been a bit skeptical…
Well don’t be. 
This is one of the best petticoats I have ever worn and as its lighter than the other is perfect for the hotter months.
This petticoat is made from a polyester and organza and come in 8 different colours..
yes 8!!!! 
(white, black, red, ivory, blue, yellow, pink and royal blue)

It gives such a lovely shape, is super dooper comfortable and is perfect for the A line skirts unlike the fluffier ones which can be "a bit much".
This petticoat comes in two sizes:
One sized Waist 24'-34'  Length 26'
Adjustable Waist 32'-42'  Length 26'

Here is the link to the eBay page where I purchased mine from:

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that is was in someway helpful.

I would love to know what is your favourite petticoat brand/style?

Much Love


  1. The only petticoat I have ever bought was the Hell Bunny one - and maybe I purchased a different length from your one, but I have had a hard time styling it with a dress without having the bottom peeping out several inches underneath. I am definitely going to give the $10 ebay one a go - thank you for sharing!

  2. I've never tried a petticoat before, but I'm thinking of trying the ebay now. I definitely love that it's not too puffy. Do you find that it itches any or is it soft?

    1. Hi Jennifer, So terribly sorry for the late reply.
      I adore the ebay petticoat.. it is made from a firmer tulle but it actually has a soft satin slip underneath so you don't get any scratchiness!! its brilliant. and $10 such a bargain xxxx