Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bunny Baby Doll Dress

Banjo & Cake

Do you know what I truly love about collaborating with Banjo & Cake? 

It truly allows me to get back into the rockabilly style I started on when I was like 18 and step out of my comfort zone of the "tradition 1950s pinup” look.
With the cutest jumping bunny print and the lace peter pan neckline,
this baby doll dress is just too darn cute.


Add knee high socks and adorable heels? Umm... yes please!!

Its so easy to complete a outfit without breaking the bank,
The socks were only $3 at Kmart and the heels were about $30 from Target.
Ohh and introducing my male model of the day...
Hes wearing a old Led Zeppelin muscle tee and is pretty much the baddest pooch in town.

The Bunny Babydoll Dress comes in sizes Small to X Large and are definitely true sizes.
Measurements below:

Small: Bust 35.5 Waist 32.5 Length 31.5
Medium: Bust 36.5 Waist 33.5 Length 32
Large: Bust 37.5  Waist 34.5 Length 32.5
X Large: Bust 38.5 Waist 35.5 Length 33

The arm holes are great sizes too..!
 I find with some brands they make the sleeves teeny tiny and if your like me and have more muscular arms they either cut off circulation or are just impossible to wear at all.
Thanks B&C for making arms holes for us pop eye armed ladies :) haha
 Another reason I choose this dress was because it suited perfectly for hot summer days.
And yes Ive already been a "repeat offender" wearing this dress almost every second day, but when you look/feel this adorable.. who cares!
 The Bunny dress lining is 100% cotton which means its super breathable, and the top layer is made from sheer polyester which is super soft and breathable. 

Banjo & Cake only ever use the BEST materials for their designs, Im always in awe every time I open a package from them.  
Pictured below Ive styled the dress to be a bit more fitted, as not everyone is a fan of the baby doll look. 
Personally I think they are the best invention ever.. seriously I can eat as much as I like an no one can see the belly bloat! :)
Ive used some black ribbon I picked up from Spotlight and added a vintage brooch for a bit of bling and to add a focal point in the outfit.

You can purchase this dress from

Its even on sale at the moment
25% off 
Only $35.24!!!
If you have any questions please feel free to ask
or pop me an email at

Much Love

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