Monday, December 14, 2015

The Dolores Garden Half Sleeve Dress

Just when I thought the 'Dolores' couldn't get any better..
they bring out the half sleeve style!!

Collectif have truly outdone themselves with this one.
Seriously, look at that print... Pretty, delicate and incredibly feminine!
This dress is certainly going to turn some heads on the street.
 The Garden Dolores is super comfortable, made from 97%cotton and 3% spandex it offers a small amount of stretch, to sculpt around those womanly curves.
The sleeves are designed to fit your arms with comfort in mind and offers great movement.

And if your like me and are 'arm conscious' this dress is perfect for you!!! 

Being a cotton dress, even with the sleeves, this dress is going to be perfect for the warmer months. The material isn't too thick and the cotton breathes easily.
As always the Dolores runs true to size and comes in sizes 6-22.
Im a size 8 and the Dolores 8 fits like it was made for me!
Seriously feeling the MadMen vibes with these curves.

Heres the link to the collective site for size measurements:
 This dress can also be styled in soooooo many ways.
Belts, jewellery, cardigans, coats and even layering a skirt over top and wearing it as a top.
The possibility are endless!!
 For my hair I did wet set pincurls, brushed out and set with wave clips and ALOT of hairspray, pretty impressed with the shape at the back :)
I purchased my Dolores Garden Dress from Misconduct for AU$120

Much Love

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