Saturday, January 10, 2015

All Hail The Dolores

For those readers not familiar with Collectif, they are a company from the UK which specialises in gorgeous 1940s and 1950s reproduction clothing.
Versatile and original, made with quality materials and designed to look great on every shape and size.. 
Thats why Collectif is a must in every pinups wardrobe. 

All Hail The Dolores..

Being a lover of Collectif for years, one style of theirs that I just can not get enough of is the Dolores!!

Designed to sit off the shoulders, the sleeves are fitted with elastic to securely and comfortably hold up the top, whilst the zipper (in both the dress and top) is designed to bring the material in and fit your body beautifully. Giving you the perfect hourglass shape.
The Dolores definitely should come with a "dangerous curves ahead" sign!

Ironically enough the first outfit to "pop my collectif cherry" was...
 the Cherry Dolores wiggle dress! 
It was love at first sight and 4 years later that love is just as strong. 

My second Dolores dress was bought in London. I was searching for a dress to wear to Jim's sisters wedding and for the past 4 days and couldn't find a thing!
 I had already been into the same Collectif store several times before but couldn't find what I was looking for. Getting desperate I thought I'd check it out one last time..and after trying on almost every dress in store (again) I had pretty much given up hope. 
Then the sales lady came up to me with the black lace Dolores wiggle dress. I swear the heavens opened up and I heard Angels singing... This was the one!!
That was over a year ago now and I still wear that dress at every chance.
It's the LBD every girl needs in her closet.

When I saw on Instagram that Collectif were having a pre Christmas sale 
in December I knew exactly what I was going to choose.. 
The Dolores top in each block colour (now just to get the patterned ones haha) red,white and black to complement any outfit.!! 
Again... They fit like a glove! 

Worn with Laura Byrnes Cropped Trousers available from pinup girl clothing
Worn with Deadly Dames Capris from pinup girl clothing
Worn with Jenny Skirt from pinup girl clothing

Check Collectif out now!

Instagram: @collectifclothing

I just loooooovvvveeee the Dolores!
If you own a Dolores top/dress, I would absolutely love to see your pictures too.. 
(Tag me... Instagram @betteboom)

Much Love 

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