Friday, May 22, 2015

Dapper Doll

The Elvy Dress By Daisy Dapper

My first ever Daisy Dapper dress... The Elvy dress in Sand!

Wearing this dress last weekend I actually had a lady come up to me and ask if it was 
true vintage!
Now this is an easy mistake to be made, especially with its 1940s design and the fact that it is made with the finest cotton/poly material.

Drooling over this dress on the Daisy Dapper website I knew it had to be mine, 
the tough part was choosing the colour! 
The Elvy comes in Plum, Sand and Salt/Pepper.
 Such perfect colours, it was literally like having to choose between my favourite children (not that I have any).. 
so maybe more like picking out a favourite icecream flavour... 
hahaha what am I saying its always chocolate!!! 
I have been searching for new clothes to wear for winter, and as I found out the hard way, the Elvy definitely keeps the heat it.  Being the thick cotton/poly blend and if I add stockings and a coat or cardigan, the Elvy will get me through the winter blues!
The Elvy features a high back and such a unique collar, the material has stretch and with perfectly positioned darts in the back, side and front, the dress moulds around your bodies  shape. With the assistance of the included belt, which draws in the waist, I was given a heavenly hourglass shape even without wearing a corset underneath.
Another thing I love about this dress is the the long zip at the back, it is an enclosed zip, so it doesn't open at the top, but DD have designed the zip to be long enough that the Elvy can be slipped on with ease.
I just love the detail on the Elvy

All Photographs were taken by my uncle Geoff and cousin clair, in my uncles backyard. Thank you so much to both of them for helping me out!

Daisy Dapper can be found on Instagram and Facebook, 
where they constantly tease a girl with perfect new designs.
And check out their amazing website for more unique designs

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Much Love 

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