Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Winter is definitely coming...

The Vivien Coat in Black by Hell Bunny

People who know me, know that I hate being cold. 
Living in South East coast of Australia it gets pretty damn cold, not freezing temperatures (although you can drive an hour to see snow) but we get the cold sea winds which sometimes feel like they are going to blow me away! 
So I have been searching for a coat that is thick enough to handle the weather but stylish enough that I don't look like the Michelin Man!

Say hello to the Vivien coat by Hell Bunny...

This coat literally makes me gasp every time I look at it, and when I wear it I feel like Elizabeth Taylor! Hell Bunny has truly outdone themselves with this one.

Now I actually received the Vivien Coat in Spring last year, and with our Spring being as hot as our Summer it has been sitting in my wardrobe, waiting patiently.... 
And with our last weeks of Autumn it was finally time to bring her our for her grand reveal!
 First up it's incredibly warm, the thickness of the coat, the longer length, faux fur collar and cuffs..  
I was a toasty marshmallow inside.

My favourite thing about the Vivien is the cut and silhouette, this dress was made to put over swing skirts and petticoats as the coat itself has a full skirt. 
Having a full skirt itself it also falls perfectly over wiggle dresses and skirts, as the coat brings in the waistline and creates perfect shape and lines at the bottom.
I truly can not find one flaw in this coat, its perfect and I'm in love.
Now I will be honest and say it was a little pricey, around the $200 (AUD) mark, but in saying that most quality coats are in that price range, and if I have to pay a little extra for quality and durability I wouldn't even hesitate. 

Much Love 

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